Caution Everyone, electronics and tube amplifiers can have very high voltages present, exercise EXTREME CAUTION when working around them. Always consult a professional technician when in doubt.

Basic Tube Matching Circuits, rev.0 (R.Hull)

Single Tube Matching Circuit, rev.0 (R.Hull)

Tube Testing Data, rev.1

Negative Grid Bias Supply, rev.0

Direct Heated Triode Schematic, rev.0

Tube Tester Power Supply Options

Tube Rolling Score Sheet, rev.0

Willsenton R-8 Schematic by A Patel of Pure Acoustic, notes in red by valvesNmore

System Block Diagram for Willsenton R8,rev0

YURI monoblock specifications v7.2

YURI monoblock Frequency Response

YURI monoblock Frequency Sweep

YURI monoblock Schematic v7.2

YURI monoblock Power Supply v7.2

6or12SN7 Kit Preamp Power Supply v2.4

6or12SN7 Kit Preamp Schematic v2.4

6or12SN7 Kit Preamp Frequency Sweep

6or12SN7 Kit Pre Frequency Response

6or12SN7 Kit Preamp Specification v2.4

E80cc Kit Preamp Specifications v3.0

E80cc Kit Preamp Power Supply v3.0

E80cc Kit Preamp Schematic v3.0

E80cc Kit Preamp Frequency Sweep

E80cc Kit Preamp Frequency Response

6N6P Prototype Preamp (early version)

Prototype Headphone Integrated Amplifier Schematic V1.5

Prototype Headphone Integrated Amplifier Power Supply Schematic V1.5

GU50 monoblock Kit Schematic v1.8

GU50 monoblock Kit Power Supply Schematic v1.8

GU50 monoblock Kit Specifications V1.8

GU50 monoblock Kit Frequency Sweep

GU50 monoblock Kit Frequency Response

GU50 monoblock PSU Wiring Diagram 100-120vac

GU50 monoblock PSU Wiring Diagram 200-240vac