DET20 / CV6 / E1148 / VT232 / 6S8S / 7193 / 2C22 Tube

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Click HERE to check out the GI-3 high current version of the CV6 type.

2 reviews for DET20 / CV6 / E1148 / VT232 / 6S8S / 7193 / 2C22 Tube

  1. Daniel80 (verified owner)

    This is my 3rd quad of these tubes from valvesNmore. I’m using them in my Supratek Cortese LCR preamp which Originally took a pair of 6sn7s. Per recommendation I purchased an adapter that plugs into the Supratek enabling you to use these as a quad set. I’d previously rolled many modern tubes but these Ken-Rads are absolutely wonderful! Since I switched I haven’t even been curious about any other tubes. They are absolutely perfect in every way in my system. The sets valvesNmore have sent me have been high quality, tested, great packaging, and sound as good as they look. They have a loyal customer for life.

  2. Tedsid (verified owner)

    I replaced my 6SN7GT tubes in my Universal 6or12N7 Preamp from Mellow Tone Kits with a Hytron E1148 (gain stage) and Svetlana GI-3 (cathode follower stage) in an adaptor readily available on Ebay.

    I can’t say enough about the great sound this combination makes in my system.

    As always, I can buy with confidence from Valvesnmore, knowing that the tubes I get have been fully tested electrically and sonically for noise.

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