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10 reviews for Freya+ Tube Packages

  1. markrw (verified owner)

    Great assist, great tubes, great prices.

    If you need some help, Jim’s the guy you’re looking for. Check out “Tube Lab” at

    I bought the Platinum group. Tubes were well packaged and made it to the U.S. East coast in 5 days. The two pairs were well matched and sounded fabulous!

    Well done, Jim, and thanks again.

  2. JBL (verified owner)

    A luxury to be able to have an email conversation with a true expert in valves that one has watched and learned from on YouTube and then to receive a set of tubes based on that conversation and have them sound so so lovely. Thank you very much.

  3. Hrlywd (verified owner)

    I’ve been listening to my Freya+ with the stock JJ’s for about 6 months and decided it was time to research the tube world to find out if I could ease some of the brightness in my setup. Fortunately, I found the Tube Labs and jumped all in. I wrote Jim with my newbie questions, including system info, and he promptly replied with a few recommendations. All in all, I opted for the Platinum Group which somehow has given my system even more detail without the previous edginess. I’ve been listening with the Tung Sol’s in the gain side and will eventually switch them around for fun.

    I also would like Jim to know that I’m starting to understand a word he’s used a few times. The word is GLORIOUS. My last three days of listening certainly have been glorious and I’m selecting different genre’s to better appreciate the hidden intricacies.

    I can’t say enough about my positive experience which included properly packed delicacies.
    Thanks again.

  4. thepoby (verified owner)

    Wonderful and very fast communication. I reached out before I bought my set of Platinum tubes for the Freya+ because I had a couple of questions. Jim wrote back in between a couple of hours and answered everything in detail. Now I am listening to the NOS tubes and it is a really delightful sound. My shipment also included a handwritten ( where do you get this nowadays ?) note from Jim.

    Excellent service. Excellent products.
    Thanks again, Jim.

  5. (verified owner)

    Short review…I ordered and received the Canadian Platinum package and I couldn’t be happier!

    These Rogers tubes look very similar to Sylvania 6SN7s and they sound just as good or better.

    The GEs do what they are supposed to do and very well too.

    I also ordered a set of discount tubes, 6SN7s as well, and 2 Marconi tubes (made in Japan) were included. These are remarkable as well.

    Finally, customer service…Jim takes pride in the customer service he provides and he should! He answered all my questions before, while and after I bought the tubes. And very promptly too.

    Overall, EXCELLENT experience and I will return for more.

  6. marchunter (verified owner)

    I ordered the gold package as I wanted to leave myself room to improve. Hah.
    If the platinum group sounds any better than the gold group I just might levitate off the floor.
    What a rich beautiful sound. I may not turn my stereo off for days.
    Jim you hit it out of the park with this group. I can’t wait to get more.
    Thank you.

  7. Gerry Shillabeer (verified owner)

    Just like everyone else has expressed, Jim provides customer service second to none. I purchased the Gold set a few months ago and one tube became “microphonic”. I packaged both tubes up and returned them to Jim and within days he matched up my good tube and they where on their way back. Can’t wait to be back listening to that smooth luscious sound again.

  8. Justin Frakes (verified owner)

    After watching the Tube Lab videos and wanting to try tube rolling in my Freya + I ordered the gold package from Jim. In a word “wow,” they sound amazing. My Freya came with a set of Canadian GE’s and a new set of quad matched Electro Harmonix gold pin 6SN7. Neither of those sets hold a candle to what I was sent. Now I understand the fuss around vintage tubes!

  9. Felician Stratmann (verified owner)

    Got the gold package – simply amazing. “Glorious” is correct. First time tube rolling and Jim really makes it easy to get into the hobby with his expert pairings.
    I listen to a mix of music from classical to techno, and I have to say it’s all improved with the new tunes. Jim also threw in some bonus tubes to play with (have yet to try). All around a fantastic experience. Definitely order from this guy.

  10. Roy LANGFORD (verified owner)

    I picked up the Platinum set fortunately before the run on tubes commenced. I am new to the magic of tubes but wanted to report that Jim’s picks here are dead on. Compared to the stock JJs it’s almost like you have a different preamp installed. To my ear the stock JJs have a harshness about them especially the higher frequencies. That smoothed a bit with time but never went away.

    There’s no such problem with Jim’s platinum picks! The sound is so smooth – zero harshness – with no tube bloat – and plenty of detail. And they just sound better the more time I have on them. Hard to see how you could go wrong.

    The best part is Jim is just terrific to deal with – attentive – patient – informed – and obviously a tube lover par excellence. I am glad I trusted my instincts to go with him after reading some forum posts and watching his you tube videos. For the Freya I can’t think of a better partner for your tube needs.

    One final comment: careful with the socket savers. They are remarkably tight initially – so take your time working them in to a better tolerance. I managed to break one of them but Jim was kind enough to replace it.

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