PCB – Universal Power Supply ver.2 (reversable)

$15.00 US

High Quality PCB, 2 layers (top & bottom), heavy 2.0mm fiberglass board (FR4-Standard Tg  130-140c), 73 x 90mm (2 7/8″ x 3 9/16″), surface finish HASL (lead) pads, heavy 2.0 oz. copper traces.  Can be used for a full bridge (no centre tap on power transformer = 4 diodes) or as a full wave (centre tap on power transformer = 2 diodes).  If using the 2 diode configuration use D1 & D2 only.  For a standard power supply schematic showing the position of each connector in circuit, copy the image to the left (note the schematic shows two (2) of these boards being used for a dual mono power supply, if you are building a single power supply for two channels (stereo) just build the top half of the schematic).

Note these are the same boards used in my high quality Kit Amps.   They have mirror image sides that can be used in either a Left or Right orientation.

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