YURI Monoblock Amplifier (Close Out Pricing)

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Close Out Pricing in Effect Till Inventory is Sold Out!

Note: Tubes ARE NOT included with Kit Amps.  We currently have an excellent selection of vintage tubes for the Yuri and best of all a matched pair of NOS (new old stock) power tubes are not expensive, so purchasing a spare pair is very affordable.  See LINKS below for Yuri tubes.

Get ready for the amazing sound of a Single Ended Pure Class A amplifier.  Clarity defines Class A and with clarity we get a great stereo image and with those two key things we get a wonderful soundstage!

We’ve carefully selected every part and component. From the Solen coupling capacitor to the solid Cherry Wood Plinth and Hand Brushed Aluminum Top Plate, to the Universal Hammond power transformer.

The Yuri comes as a Full Kit that includes all parts and an unfinished Solid Cherry Wood Plinth, Finished 3/16″/ 5mm Aluminum Top Plate and 2mm Aluminum Bottom Plate.

Build Information will include a Color Schematic of the Power Supply and Amplifier, also a Build Series of Videos is available on YouTube.  The videos are the Build Manual.


SE (Singled Ended) Pure Class A (no Negative Feedback)
Rated Output Power: 2 Wrms
Universal Power Transformer
Household Voltage 100-240vac
Input Sensitivity: 1.6 Vrms
Signal To Noise Ratio: 43.1 dB / 76.9 dB @ 1KHz
Input Impedance: 470 Kohm
Output Impedance: 4 Ohm / 8 Ohm
Power Consumption: 27W
Tubes – Driver: 1 x CV6 / DET20 / 7193 / 6S8S / 2C22
Power: 1 x 6P7S

Sound Signature:  Great Musicality, Detail, Clarity, Stereo Image & Soundstage

System Compatability:  Use with any higher efficiency speaker of  >90dB efficiency and preferably 93dB.   Fun Fact:  I run custom open baffles (dipoles) that are ~93dB efficient and for the full volume “Live” test, I needed to wear hearing protection!

Build Complexity:   Medium – if you already make stuff, and are a thoughtful careful person, who can focus for an hour – You Can Build this Kit Amp.

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Discount Codes – don’t work on Kit Amps – the margin is too tight to offer discounts.

Not included:  Tubes, IEC power cord, solder


Yuri Preamp/Driver Tubes

Yuri Power Tubes

IEC Power Cords


Full Specification Sheet

Frequency Response

Frequency Sweep

Top Plate CAD Drawing

Power Supply Schematic

Amplifier Schematic

Build Videos – follow along with Jim on YouTube as he guides you through the build process step by step.


Recommended Tools:  Link to Tools in the Store*

Temperature controlled solder station (I use: Lonove 926LED III available at Amazon)

Electrical Solder  63/37 tin/lead rosin core 0.8mm/.031” (Kester “44” 24-6337-0027)

Rosin Soldering Flux (I use: Caig “no clean” paste RSF-R39-2)

Volt/Ohm Meter (CAT III 600v – minimum) c/w probe & clip-on leads

Variac  0-130vac/20A or 0-260vac/10A  (helpful but not required)

Hot Glue Gun – a mini craft type will work just fine

1/4″ Socket Wrench & Deep Socket 3/16″ &  7/32″ c/w  3″ (75mm) extension

*Wire Stripper

*Solder Sucker

*Needle Nose Pliers

*Side Cutters

*Ratcheting Crimper (Note: this is NOT your standard red/blue/yellow crimper)

*Mini Hot Air Gun (very very useful)

*Mini Utility Knife

*Mini 1/8″ Slot Screwdriver

*Torx Driver T15

Fun Fact:  The Yuri uses the amazing sounding 6P7S Power tube, made by Ulyanov in Ulyanovsk, USSR. Initially we were going to name the amp “Uly”, but somehow I made a mistake and called it the “Yuri” during one of our Tube Labs and so we decided to name our first Kit Amp in honor of the first Man in Space – Yuri Gagarin, a great Russian.





2 reviews for YURI Monoblock Amplifier (Close Out Pricing)

  1. pmoxhay (verified owner)

    I have just completed the Yuri monoblock with three high school students as an electronics project. This is a great product, and the support was superb. The videos gave very precise guidance. Students with minimal soldering and fabrication skills were able to follow the videos easily. The music sounds great even with a single channel without a preamp, and we look forward to incorporating this component into a full-fledged system in a future project. I highly recommend the Yuri and the high quality of support provided during the assembly process!

  2. Justin Frakes (verified owner)

    These kits are very well designed with quality components. Along with the video build guides the build process is easy if you can solder.

    The sound of these amps is incredible and they are dead silent at idle. My system previously was a Freya + with Valesnmore upgrade tubes into mono-block Schiit Vidar class AB amplifiers. This fed Klipsch Fotre 3’s. The Yuri’s were put in place of the Vidars for my listening.

    My listening impressions are a substantial increase in the mid-to-high bass presence as well as the low mids. Very nice and full sounding. The soundstage was a touch wider but the depth was increased very noticeably. On Jennifer Warnes “Ballad of the runaway horse ” the bass moved back into the mix and Jennifers voice was front and center. The imaging was also improved. It is easier to pick up where singers and instruments are placed in a live performance. For example, The Eagles Hell Freezes Over performance of “Hotel California” each member is distinctly placed in front of you.

    With my speakers I was able to easily drive them to 90dB (a very loud listening level for me) and the sonic improvements were still evident at a more modest 75-80dB (my usual listening level.) I’ve listened to other SET tube mono-blocks in systems similar to mine and the Yuri’s are very competitive with commercial offerings costing much more.

    I can fully recommend this amp to any aspiring audiophile or DIY’r. This product is first rate and the service Jim provides is unparalleled.

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