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The E80cc Preamp is a Dual Mono Design that has amazing detail and clarity, very low noise and high gain.   With the high gain it is capable of driving most any power amp.

We’ve carefully selected every part and component. From the Solen coupling capacitors to the solid Cherry Wood Plinth and Hand Brushed Aluminum Top Plate, to the Universal Dual Secondary Power Transformer.

The E80cc comes as a Full Kit that includes all parts and an unfinished Solid Cherry Wood Plinth and Finished 3/16″/ 5mm Aluminum Top Plate. Or as a Light Kit, without a top plate or wood plinth, for those of you who’d rather build your own enclosure.

Build Information will include a Color Schematic of the Power Supply and Preamp, also a Build Series of Videos is available on YouTube.  For Link see below.

The videos will be the Build Manual.

Sound Signature:  Great Detail and Clarity, Very Low Noise and Distortion.  Excellent Stereo Image & Soundstage.

Sample Audio @ 24/96 WAV

System Compatibility:  Main System Preamp, capable of driving most any power amp, a perfect design match for the Yuri & GU-50 Monoblocks.

Build Complexity:   Medium – if you already make stuff, and are a thoughtful careful person, who can focus for an hour – You Can Build this Kit Amp.

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Not included:  Tubes, SMPS, IEC power cord, solder.


Dual Mono Design
Direct Coupled Interstage (no coupling capacitor)
Universal R-Core Power Transformer
Dual matched secondary windings
Household Voltage (100 – 240vac)
Input Sensitivity: 3.6 Vrms
Gain 13.74
Signal To Noise Ratio: 76.9 dB @ 1KHz
Input Impedance: 93 Kohm
Output Impedance:  364 ohm
Power Consumption (preamp): 3.5W
Power Consumption (SMPS): 7.6W
Tubes: 2 x E80CC


E80cc Tubes

12v SMPS

IEC Power Cords


Full Specification Sheet

Frequency Response

Frequency Sweep

Top Plate CAD Drawing

Power Supply Schematic

Amplifier Schematic

Build Videos – follow along with Jim on YouTube as he guides you through the build process step by step.


Recommended Tools:  Link to Tools in the Store*

Temperature controlled solder station

(Lonove 926LED III available at Amazon)

Electrical Solder  63/37 tin/lead rosin core 0.8mm/.031” (Kester “44” 24-6337-0027)

Rosin Soldering Flux (I use: Caig “no clean” paste RSF-R39-2)

Volt/Ohm Meter (CAT III 600v – minimum) c/w probe & clip-on leads

Variac  0-130vac/20A or 0-260vac/10A  (helpful but not required)

Hot Glue Gun – a mini craft type will work just fine

1/4″ Socket Wrench & Deep Sockets 3/16″ &  7/32″  c/w  3″ (75mm) extension

Steady or 3rd hand stand, very helpful when you need 3 hands!

*Wire Stripper

*Solder Sucker

*Needle Nose Pliers

*Side Cutters

*Ratcheting Crimper (Note: this is NOT your standard red/blue/yellow crimper)

*Mini Hot Air Gun (very very useful)

*Mini Utility Knife

*Mini 1/8″ Slot Screwdriver

*Torx Driver T15

*Hex Key 2mm

Fun Fact: The prototype E80cc preamp was initially built to find out what all the fuss with this higher spec’d and taller 12AU7 was all about, as well to try out a direct coupled interstage (no coupling capacitor).  And wow I couldn’t believe the amount of clarity and drive of this preamp.  Now not all prototypes work out this well, but when they do it makes all the experimenting worthwhile!




3 reviews for E80CC Dual Mono Preamp

  1. fdranger610 (verified owner)

    The E80CC Dual Mono Class A Preamp design simply helps to create an exciting and balanced life like sound at all volume levels in my listening room. I am now discovering/experiencing much more dynamics and harmonic resolution in my favorite music collection. In the Fall season of 2021 I was riding my electric bike from a distance toward a local high school marching band playing on a practice field. As I got much closer I could feel all the lifelike dynamics of their music. My system now has the same exciting musical dynamics using the E80CC Preamp. Thank you Jim and Charles for this wonderful preamp design and your careful and thoughtful kit building episodes with excellent customer support! I bought the soldering station, solder type, and flux that you recommended in the build list. When you gave soldering iron temperatures in the build episodes to solder the various parts…. they went together well because of your directions. The kit was fun to build! Thanks again!

  2. Jesse Curran (verified owner)

    This E80cc Pre-amp kit build was an absolute joy to put together. I am a complete novice, no prior experience at all… Just an enthusiastic audiophile! The videos and the customer service is great! I felt like I had a friend walking me through each step of the way….. now that I’ve finished and started listening…… I was just stunned and needed to take time to articulate how amazing the changes are. I’m an owner of the Willsenton R8 integrated amp, The synergy between these two components is unbelievable. Sound stage is deeper, taller, wider and more holographic. Instruments have more weight and density to them and are floating effortlessly. The music is so much more dynamic and exciting… Explosive! So much less compression between the soft and the loud… Clarity, the music is just bigger and fatter and has more weight to it. I’ve never heard such detail in the bass and clarity with acoustic music. It’s live, evolving and emotionally engaging ….. spooky good! Top-tier for sure…… It gets my highest recommendation!

  3. marchunter (verified owner)

    I built both the Universal and E80cc Kit Preamps. Both preamps are wonderful and a joy to build. I just finished doing a plug and play shootout between the two preamps. Of course we know the layouts are similar so the difference may be the tubes used and the corresponding circuit for each. Having said that I am surprised that I actually prefer the E80CC pre. Why? It has the same detail as the universal pre but the warmth (I know) is so much nicer to my ears. I could listen to this preamp all day on my Klipsch Fortes and be fine. Just for your information I’m running either a digital receiver or a turntable through the pre, then I’m running out of the pre into an ST70 (EL34) clone then into the Forte’s. I’m running the Tungsram E80cc’s in the pre. In the universal pre I’m running Sylvania JAN 12SN7’s out of Jim’s good bin. The difference is apparent from the first few notes. I understand why the universal pre sells better than the E80cc pre (6SN7’s are great) but truly there is no reason for that when you listen to them both. This pre is wonderful. You will not be sorry you bought this pre ever. It has become my daily driver. Great job guys, this thing rocks.

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